Welcome to BMG Hoses – your source for Industrial Hoses & Ducting

Our philosophy and attitude:  to provide services and products enthusiasm, expertise and the desire to create solid, long-lasting relationships. 

Our Parent, Broder Metals Group, has long enjoyed successful partnerships with leading world manufacturers.  We want to continue this philosophy and we are proud to be the exclusive UK, Belgium and the Netherland’s  distributor of Gökser Machine Ind & Co Ltd’s range of Techniflex™ – products that include a bespoke manufacturing hose and ducting service.

 Aerospace and Defence Hoses can also be sourced through Broder Aerospace using their AS9120 certification.
Techni Connect 04 DK-1 hose
Techni Sil 41 hose
Techni ALU 98 hose
Techni Connect 03 hose

The Group’s AS 9120, ISO 9001 certification and increasing end user approvals back up our staff as they aim to forge enduring relationships and partnerships. We bring you our knowledge, enthusiasm, expertise and the desire to ensure solid, long lasting relationships that are woven around a personal touch, the highest service levels and trust. 

BMG Hoses is a wholly owned subsidiary and trading name of Broder Metals Group Ltd.  Broder Metals Group has grown by developing long-lasting relationships and supply agreements with our major customers, listening to them, understanding their needs and then stocking and distributing material on time in line with their scheduled delivery requirements. Broder Hoses is proud to continue this core philosophy.

We are here to help. Please ask us for impartial technical help, or to find those services and products which you are otherwise struggling to obtain.